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Pilates for back pain? Everything you want to know

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Are you living with back pain, have tried everything,it just will not go away??It might not be ‘an injury’ that is causing it. It could be functional, postural, nutritional or stress related or any combination of those things!understanding the cause is key to success in fixing the issue.karolina grabowska/pexels

What causes of back pain ?

back pain is almost like a symptom it’s,it is from something else that you have,probably been doing and you have not even.

Common cause number one for back pain:

When you’re texting and reading and working on the computer,that you’re hunting the shoulder you know you’re texting and then reading a lot of people read in this position as well and of course they do computer work.Like that so guess what’s you know going to be a problem here you’re gonna get the rounded shoulders you’re gonna get the neck coming forward everything.You’re gonna get that little hunchback.What that’s gonna predominantly cause is some neck pain shoulder pain upper back pain,trigger points in between the shoulder blades all that kind of stuff.So it’s a very common thing in society today,you want to start being aware of your posture when you’re texting when you’rereading when you’re working.


The number two for back pain:

Hunching over every time you pick something up,your spine like this to pick something up you see hopefully you can see that you’re putting a lot of stress on your spine and on your discs and that’s what’s gonna cause eventually bulging.

Don’t realize that they’re they’re actually doing more harm,whenever you’re bending you should actually try to keep your spine neutral.

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The last one for back pain:

It is true right we’re spending so much time sitting on our computers we come home we eat dinner in a seated position,we go on the couch watch TV in a Flex position and drive from to work and from .

So we’re usually all hunched up and because these muscles are tight they kind of arch to the low back increasing the pain in the low back and you’re sitting you’re not stretching a lot of times.

You will get upper back pain and low back pain eventually,these are causes for back  pain.

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What are the pros and cons of pilates for back pain ?

Pilates are wonderful exercise,programs that are gaining more and more popularity,back pain patients often have questions in regards to their yoga and their pilates. Should they be doing it while their back condition is flaring up, and what are the pros and cons.You’re probably going to want to stay away from yoga and pilates, The big reason is if you’re already suffering with the pain, and the pain is often due to a pressure imbalance on the spine.When you go and take the class you’re probably going to be pushing those tissues that are injured in the wrong direction sort of increasing the pressure on those tissues with all the flexion and the flexion rotation poses that are involved.So, alone those services are not going to flare up the back, but combined with the day to day stresses of sitting, bending, and carrying that’s often just too much for the patient.It’s not recommended during these acute phases.I usually, however, will get the patient back to doing these yoga and pilates moves especially during the second and third phases of their recovery, as the tissue is healed and now needs to be stressed in different directions and different forces, that’s when they become very beneficial.So, somewhere in the three to four week, not day, but three to four week post-aggravation or injury is it probably going to be appropriate to start returning to those disciplines.If you’re in a physical therapy program the therapist will guide you better.It’s just a little too much pressure on the spinal discs and on the joint capsules, and it’s really promoting the wrong forces on those tissues during that special acute phase of the injury.

Advice for Pilates Back Care

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We’ll be working through Pilates for low back pain,we should focuses on improving the strength and flexibility of muscles that support the back,move and stabilize yours pine using your core.

Below are class specifically for people who have low back problems:
1.KatjaPilates For Back Care – Lower Back 30 mins

This gentle Pilates class is for anyone looking to strengthen, mobilize and stretch out the areas associated with lower back weakness or discomfort. Please always listen to your body when going through these movements and avoid any sharp or shooting pains.

2.eFit30-Katie Mackenzie – Pilates for Lower Back Pain

This video is suitable for anyone who has mild – moderate ongoing low back pain. These exercises can be done daily however, some may not be suitable for acute injury or sharp nerve pain. Start to introduce gentle movement and safe strengthening exercises to help your improve the stability and flexibility of your lower back.

3.Kalm Pilates15 min Pilates Workout for Back Pain – Be Pain Free!

Don’t ignore back pain (including lower back pain)! Doing this Pilates Back Pain Relief workout on a regular basis will help improve core strength, which is essential for supporting your back and stretching tight leg muscles, to reduce the strain on the lumbar spine. This Pilates class is Also great for relieving sciatica.

Please consult with your physician first, to be sure to include the most appropriate exercises into your rehabilitation program.

andrea piacquadio/pexels

Back pain is often a result of poor posture.Regular pilates practice can help with posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility. It can also relieve stress and tension,this is excellent exercise for reducing our lower back pain.A pilates-inspired workout that’s suitable for people with chronic back pain.More research is needed, but there is some evidence to suggest that pilates can be helpful for people who have lower back pain.Pilates–as you scroll through apps embark on Google searches or ask for the advice of your friends and family, it can be so intimidating.But you should give it a try,because after all Pilates classes are the new happy hour.


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