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5 Minutes Learn the Basics of Pilates | Before You Begin

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If you want to get started with Pilates and you are completely new to pilates,this is designed for people who are new to Pilates and may help you.Let’s go through the basic principles of Pilates to ensure the maximum benefits from your workout.


Question comes up a lot, what is Pilates?

Pilates is a systemized form of exercise that was originated by Joe Pilates.Joseph Pilates came from Germany and landed in New York City in the early 1920’s. The exercises focus on core strengthening which is your abdominals and your back. A lot of people think that it’s just for dancers.In New York City it started out with a lot of dancers taking it because it helped them in their performance.It helped them be better at whatever they were doing.But now, as time has gone along, more people in just regular life have started to take Pilates because they can feel how it changes their body.Absolutely with the core strength,  in our work these days or even in the athletics or other activities ,we may do you have to have a strong abdominal core.

Our posture no longer, you know, sitting at a desk.Like we are naturally, now, today, pretty weak in our core and Pilates has sort of been the magic cure. Although it’s not really magic.It’s like a lot of hard work.I know Pilates can be very intimidating to someone who hasn’t done it before, but, if you have taken an exercise class, if you have taken a dance class, if you’ve even watched TV you’ve seen Pilates.So it is accomplishable by everybody.It’s a sequential, safe way of moving through exercises. It’s very supportive of your joints.It promotes long, lean musculature that is true to your body and your form which provides a great foundation. Even if you want to bulk up and be a bodybuilder you start with that core musculature to be the very best of who you are from the core.

And Pilates works in systems, so a lot of people ask, “What’s the one exercise I should do in the Pilates system that would make me long and lean and tone?” The real answer to that is that you have to do all of the exercises.It doesn’t work like regular bicep curls at the gym.You have to do from the hundred all the way through front support, and that’s how you’ll see the results. And it’s a lot of flexion and extension and rotation.the whole system has a formula to take you through one exercise to prepare you for the next exercise.It’s a full body workout, head to toe, fingers to the top of your head.Pilates can be done on equipment which is special apparatus that Joe Pilates invented himself.And it can also be done just with the mat just like you would go into, say, a group yoga class and you put the mat down on the floor and you work with your own body weight. So you could either do Pilates on the apparatus which works with springs and tension and resistance, or you can work on the mat with just your own body weight.

People sometimes ask, what’s the difference,and which one you like better. It’s kind of a person by person basis. Some people like mat work better.Some people like working on the apparatus better.And the difference is just the spring tension.mat Pilates is actually for many people the most challenging, because you have to have correct form and you’re using your own body weight On the equipment you’re placed in proper alignment.

 What are the health benefits of Pilates?

I’ve been doing Pilates for the last several years and I started because of the back injury that I had while I was dancing and I just kept practicing Pilates because it made me feel really good mentally and physically Pilates was originally called controla G and Joseph Pilates developed controla G as a way for the mind to control the muscles you don’t really hear it called controla g anymore, but people just call it Pilates after Joseph Pilates, Pilates emphasizes the idea of muscle control that means no sloppy uncontrolled movements every, Pilates exercise is exact ,including all body parts to produce positive results ,Joseph Pilates developed this method during World War one to help the vets coming back from the war rehabilitate themselves .Joseph Pilates spent more than 80 years developing the subject ,it’s more than just an exercise method ,but is based on a philosophical foundation Pilates is somewhat similar to yoga in its breathing movement ,centering concentration control and precision claudi’s was developed as a physical fitness method and it really focuses on core strength as far as back and chest and abdominal muscles.It helps with spine support,flexibility balance and muscle tone and elongating the spine,Pilates creates a fusion of mind and body the aim is to produce Grace and balance without thinking the goal is to produce an attention free union of mind and body.

Pilates helps detoxify the body by improving circulation of the blood it awakens all the cells in the body and helps carry away the wastes Joseph.Pilates believed that for the blood to do its work properly it has to be charged with oxygen and purged of waste gases through proper breathing, Pilates concentrates on full and thorough inhalation and exhalation during every Pilates exercise so Pilates has a specialized breathing and that’s different from yoga and it’s not necessarily aerobic but it can be I mean you do get your heart rate up depending on what you’re doing and there’s certain types of equipment and Pilates that.

You’ll see in a Pilates studio that that your instructor will have you will have you use there’s also mat work there’s exercises ,you do on a mat on the floor and so that’s one way of going about it but if you do it things on the equipment it’ll be using Springs instead of weights ,that’s one big way that it’s different from other exercise methods ,it doesn’t bulk you up but it lengthens you and it tones , it makes you a lot more flexible if that’s what you want to do with it Pilates called the very large group of muscles in the center of the body , encompassing the abdomen lower back hips and buttocks this is called the powerhouse all exercises begin with the core muscles,  work outward toward the arms and legs.

Pilates called the center or trunk muscles the powerhouse but modern instructors often call it the core ,it gets to the deeper muscles the smaller muscle groups , opposed to just working the larger muscle groups and that’s one of the reasons why it is so effective.


Pilates is the basic principles specific,Pilates terminology and also break downthe technique and placement of particular exercises,a little bit about what Pilates is Pilates is often linked with yoga or people often think it’s a stretching class it isn’t either Pilates is its own standalone exercise discipline the similarities with yoga come in terms of connecting the breath to the movement from that point on they are quite different Pilates is very much a physical practice there’s no spiritual element as you would get in yoga and it isn’t actually a stretching class,we look to do in Pilates is balance the strength,the flexibility of all the little muscles around the joints so in the long term you’re less injury prone.Your posture is improved so often people with back problems or neck problems find a great solution in Pilates because the body is very much worked in a balanced way although it very much is a physical exercise based class you won’t get the same outcome as you would in a typical fitness class like a hit or a circuit,Pilates is Perfect Exercise Regime for Stress Relief.


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